Hello! I’m Kate. I am interested in exploring ways we can design a better world. Having fun is a core value of mine and something I bring to all aspects of my work. I specialise in values-based design and love bringing people together to co-create meaningful paths forward. Fostering good mental health and helping people to see their own strength is something I am particularly passionate about. In 2015 I wrote and published a pocket-sized book called ‘The Little Book for Big Worries’ for managing anxiety and have since sold over 500 copies.

Having previously worked as an industrial designer, I currently work as a strategic and social designer in the Design Innovation Research Centre at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I bring over 5 years of experience in facilitating public sector, government, academia and industry in using design to approach complex problems. I also teach Design Studies at UTS. I have been selected as a jury member on a number of international design award panels including the Australian Good Design Awards and the Taiwan International Student Design Awards. You can also catch me as a presenter and expert design judge on season 4 of Australia By Design: Innovations.

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Photo by Mike Daly