Hello! I’m Kate. I am interested in exploring ways we can design a better world. Having fun is a core value of mine and something I bring to all aspects of my work. I specialise in values-based design and love bringing people together to co-create meaningful paths forward. Fostering good mental health and helping people to see their own strength is something I am particularly passionate about. In 2015 I wrote and published a pocket-sized book called ‘The Little Book for Big Worries’ for managing anxiety and have since sold over 500 copies.

I am currently working as a freelance designer. My experience and expertise spans the fields of Service Design, Social Design, Strategic Design, Industrial Design and Visual Communication. Having previously worked as an industrial designer, my most recent roles were as an associate service designer with Meld Studios and strategic and social designer at the Design Innovation Research Centre at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I also have over 7 years experience teaching Design at UTS. I have been selected as a jury member on a number of international design award panels including the Australian Good Design Awards and the Taiwan International Student Design Awards. You can also catch me as a presenter and expert design judge on season 4 of Australia By Design: Innovations.

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Photo by Mike Daly