Mental Health

I am interested in designing products and services that encourage people to see their own strength and build resilience. I have a particular passion for working with young people and fostering emotional intelligence. As someone who has also lived with generalised anxiety from a young age, I have spoken publicly on a few occasions about managing anxiety and building resilience. In 2015 I wrote and produced ‘The Little Book for Big Worries’, and earlier in 2020 I created the ‘Anxiety Care Package’. Both are available on my Etsy store.

The Little Book for Big Worries is a random collection of go-to strategies, tips, tools, inspirations and wise words for managing and beating anxiety. Everything in this book has helped me overcome and manage anxiety that I have lived with for a very long time.”

The pocket-sized book is 110mm x 110mm and is 24 pages long.

Anxiety Care Package 
(Designed in response to the first COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020)
“Chances are that if you are reading this, it’s because you or someone you know might be feeling a bit (or a lot) anxious about all the uncertainty going on in the world. I’m sure you would have heard people say that anxiety is a completely normal and reasonable response, which it absolutely is! As someone who is a veteran at this whole worry thing, I know that unfortunately that still leaves you with the feeling of anxiety that you need to live and deal with. My hope is that this little care package helps to give you some relief, some reasons to be hopeful and some things to do in the meantime while we all collectively wait out the storm.”

The Anxiety Care Package includes:
  • A copy of The Little Book For Big Worries,
  • A list of helpful and fun ideas for things to do and think about in the meantime,
  • A randomly selected print of one of my doodles from @katedoodlessometimes,
  • A fun meme I liked that both reminded me this WILL end, and to keep a sense of humour.